Daily Ramble #2, 12/20/20

I took a ride yesterday. Hopped on the bike and roared down Broadway to the post office. At the McDonald's next door, I noticed a gathering of monster trucks and people in black and yellow scattered throughout the parking lot. The trucks all had banners with symbols and varying messages but I was moving too quickly to see what they said.

My first thought was that this was an assembly of a bunch of Proud Boys. They've been protesting at the state capitol every day and clashing with the Antifa people and I knew that a big rally was planned for the weekend. The thing is, you rarely see PBs hanging out for too long in Midtown. They usually show up wherever the rally is, do their bullshit and then leave.

I decided to rear back and get a closer look without attracting attention. I came up the back alley and pulled into the back part of the lot and caught a glimpse of a yellow flag with some lettering and some ominous-looking symbol in black.

At first, I thought it read, 'Kekistan' (the fictional country created on 4chan that has been used by adopted by alt-righters to signify...well...whatever the fuck dumb shit they're trying to say, but then realized it read, 'Khalistan'.  I also noticed that a few vehicles had bumper stickers reading, 'No Farmers, No Food'.

Later on I looked it up and found out that Khalistan is the name of a sovereign state that Sikh separatists want to create. Turned out that thousands of people were in the area yesterday to protest India farming laws.

I mailed off my shit and rode on the opposite direction of the capitol building where all the clashing was happening.

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