Daily Ramble #3, 12/23/20

I did some tracking earlier this evening. Added some new vocal parts to 2 new songs, songs that will go out as the last rewards of 2020, to my upper tier BDFSC Patreon members. Afterwards, Al stopped by and we rehearsed for Thursday night's live stream gig with Kepi, David and Jonah. We're pulling out a couple from the wayback vaults, songs I wrote back in the early 90s, where we briefly called ourselves Near Mint.

I'll be putting up the one and only Near Mint release for people who never got a chance to hear it. It's only 5 songs and is raw (recorded on my old 4-track cassette recorder) but I really have a warm, soft spot in my heart for them because they remind me of when Al and I first started dating and then singing together :)


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